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Feb 6, 2013 9:00pm PST
like to invite up dr. emily rossi, the executive director of the department of status of women. >> good afternoon chair farrell, committee members avalos and mar, i want to thank president chiu for bringing forward this very important proposal. we have worked very closely with the district attorney on many of theses issues. as you know domestic violence is a very significant problem. here in san francisco, there are about 4,000 cases of domestic violence reported to the police department. and those are only the cases that are reported. any one of those cases could become a homicide. so we really believe this work is preventing death. in the proposal as far as the department is concerned three components, staffing, direct services and public outreach. it's very intentionally designed as a comprehensive approach per president chiu's leadership. in terms of staffing, i just want to put up a visual of our department staffing from fiscal year 2001 to today and you will see that over time we almost had eight staff at the beginning of the 2000's and we're now down to 5.0 fste. i have
Feb 18, 2013 5:00pm PST
jenni rivera, su hermana rossie, hombr hablo del tetastamento que dejo su madre dice que nunca podra superar su partido,a, veamos. >>> tuviste un problema grave o con tu mamÁ, estuviste bien d s ddisddi distanciada y alcanzaste a de r decirle todo lo que qriuerÍas. >>> le mande un e mail en el Íaa de acciÓn de gracias, y lo leo y mi tÍa rossie me dijo que tbaesa muy contenta, y nos ibamaos ave ros a ver en navidad, y las cosas tabesta bien pero tuv queo que ir a r trabajar pero taestamos bien. >>> quÉ le decÍas. >>> que la amo, que la amo, y q que est,e que la extaÑaba y que que querÍa verla. >>> ella me lo dejo todo muy c claro, en el testamento todo t estÁ muy fÁcil, cuida muy bien d de mis hijos, sus hijos estaran bien por mucho tiempo, y si m e manejo es e dinero correctament estaran bien hasta los nietos, j jenni rivera dejo todo mi claro cuido de sus hijos y todo kdquÓ en orden, con el seÑor elosteba loaiza le damos las gracias por el cairÑriÑo que le dio a mi a hermana,. >>> ppara mÍ ha sido muy duro llegar a esta casa y voltear para arriba y que no baje, es u
Feb 10, 2013 1:30am PST
rossi and director gomez for the importance of this program. and i know the group very well and the work of legal outreach, which i used to be a law clerk in '87, quite a few years ago, but i know how important the community-based support for victims is. i'm strongly supportive of the different programs in the proposal, but i wanted to ask if director rossi could address the budget analyst's recommendation that reducing from .5 fte to .3 fte. >> we were wishing this would move much quicker, but given the timeline that is an ap propriate percentage for the fte this year. >> thank you, colleagues, my other questions? okay. seeing none, i know -- >> supervisor avalos. >> we're going to have public comment here as well in a second, but one thing that gave me great pause as someone who is a co-sponsor to this amend and the ordinance is that there is going to be an impact for our next year's budget and that if we're approving these positions now, we're basically front-loading next year's budget in terms of services, out in the community. in terms of a new position in the department of sta
Feb 6, 2013 12:00pm PST
you. >> at this time i would like to invite up dr. emily rossi, the executive director of e
Feb 11, 2013 9:00am EST
viral, kelly clarkson photo bombing ellen and portia de rossi. >> performing on stage and sort of -- >> butterflies came flying out of her dress. >> pretty. i thought it was cool. >> i wondered if i was half asleep or not. >> hallucinating a little bit. did you have a favorite performance? >> elton john and ed shearing. >> right. >> great number. >> alicia keys and avril levigne from maroon five. >> they've been around ten, 15 years. now they can finally get out there and be hrd herd. >> once you win a grammy, are you now still an indy band? >> i don't know. >> i'm thinking underground. take two, melissa mccarthy getting the last laugh. fans of the actress are rallying to her defense after film critic rex reed called her, to his terms, tractor size and a female hippo, very well-known commentator on film. >> he hasn't been relevant since superman one. the '70s called. you're welcome to go back. >> he still has a column, writes for "the new york observer" talking about her new film "identity thief." >> which one as we said -- ro sweet redemption for her. >> and it would have been be
Feb 14, 2013 6:00pm PST
. florists such as rossi in the south of market in san francisco had lots of bouquets ready for last-minute shoppers. the store owner says it's the busiest day of the year of course. and she spent the past couple of months preparing for today. >>> also in san francisco, sees candy opened early this morning anticipating the crush of customers. the registers were ringing all day long as customers lined up to buy those familiar heart shaped boxes full of those delicious chocolates. >> yum. >>> well, of course, not everyone loves valentine's day. >> not everybody. kpix 5's mike sugerman shows us some businesses are still finding clever ways to cash in on the singles crowd. >> reporter: it started as a nerdy kid who never got valentine's and a teenager who never got them. i hate, hate, hate, hate valentine's day. >> that was a few years and couple of hairstyles ago but i still hate valentine's day. i'm not alone. >> pure commercialism. i feel sorry for people who don't have too much money but pressured into buying lots of things for valentine's day. >> reporter: $18.5 billion in the u.s.
Feb 28, 2013 2:00am PST
retreat was cardinal rossi. he understands the modern world. he's 70. i don't know where things would be relative to age but they say he very much understands the modern world and is very in touch with the culture of the world and maybe somebody who could address those kind of things. >> cardinal ravasi is italian. >> many are saying why not a pope from the third world? that is where the church is growing most rapidly in africa, in asia. interestingly enough we have a candidate from africa, cardinal peter turkson. there's a little controversy surrounding him. some americans have said to me, the first african-american president in our history, if you had an african pope also? what a remarkable cultural symbol that might be? >> is that something they really think about going in? in 2005 this very discussion was being had, can we have an african or latino pope? here we are again revisiting this. is that a real possibility? is that something that is considered, that that is where the catholic church is growing? >> i think that is being considered. those were considered long shots at the l
Feb 18, 2013 7:00am PST
me mató moralmente, que no sabía qué había pasado con ello. >> es que le dije a rossy, guárdala, no quiero ver es, ¿por qué hay gente tan mala?. >> nos hemos mantenido en silencio, pero ha sido difícil pues hay cosas que no son verdad. >> por ejemplo que en el cementerio no pueden ir los fanáticos, esto no es verdad, hasta que yo pueda dejaré que los fanáticos les lleven flores y cosas así que dicen, no es verdad. >> es difícil pues cuando una persona fallece, a nadie le gusta que digan estas cosas. >> sí, igual nos pasa a todos, hay que pensar cuando la prensa hace este tipo de comentarios y es que le afecta el doble y la prensa cuando hace comentarios. >> sí, para los demás jenni rivera es una cantante y para nosotros es una hija y una hermana, madre. >> luego de la súper exclusiva, don francisco estuvo en "sal y pimienta" y reveló cosas que vio en detrás de cámaras. >> hay algo que aparece en el programa, cuando tienen al primer hijo, pedro, el padre de pedro está preso pues el padre se lleva a rosa y ellos comienzan a recordar todos esos momentos, cuando cruzaron
Feb 26, 2013 7:00am PST
safe return of a stolen ring in napa almost 16 years ago. back in 1997, kim rossi's home was broken into and her napa high school class ring was stolen. reslept i a man who bought -- recent had i a man who bought a car deseed -- dear sided to restore it. he found the ring. he contacted the owner on facebook and returned the ring. >>> a bay area teacher stands to gain millions of dollars from the auction of gold coins and bars. the fortune was amassed by her first cousin. he passed away last year in carson city, nevada. about 135 pounds of the gold will be auctioned off today in court. it's commented to raise $3 million. most of that money will go to arlene magnan who lives in the north bay. >>> a new noble report shows more -- national report shows more teens are dying in darr crashes -- in car crashes. the highway safety conducted this study. in 17 states, including right here in california, officials say the number of deaths actually dropped slightly. >>> all right. it is 8:39. want to check in with sal. hopefully teenagers and everyone driving safely. >> we've had kind of a tough
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)